Mission Statement:

The Outreach Ministry team of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church initiates, and supports efforts through which we, committee and parishioner alike, can manifest our Christian beliefs by helping persons in need, locally, nationally, and internationally. This work involves not only our treasure, but also our time and talents.


Acting on the resolution at the Diocesan Convention 2012: “Resolved, that the 180th Convention of the Diocese of Vermont encouraged its members to cultivate mindfulness about poverty in our communities,” we are trying to be mindful and helpful in the area of poverty, especially hunger. The following is a description of some of our actions and pursuits in 2014 and beyond.

The Outreach Team held a Ministry Expo during coffee hour in October, 2014. It was wonderful to see the number of ministries that so many of our St. Michael’s family were involved in. We anticipate that the “Joel Hill Ministry Expo” will be an annual event.

If interested in participating, please contact the person listed at the end of each activity.