St. Michael’s Ministry of Healing


Jesus’ ministry on earth was very much a ministry of healing. As followers of Christ, we believe that we are called to continue this ministry of healing in Jesus’ name. Our Ministers of Sacramental Healing, both lay and clergy, have discerned a call to this ministry and have received extensive training. This healing takes many forms – physical, spiritual and emotional – and is a profoundly important part of St. Michael’s ministry.

Healing prayers are offered at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church every Sunday at both services during or immediately after the Eucharist. People who desire to receive a prayer of healing for themselves or on behalf of someone else may speak with one of the healing ministers about their request. In the sacred space created in this confidential encounter, the healing minister will ask what you bring as a prayer request, and then will place his or her hands on you and pray with you.

Healing ministers also pray with people who are in the hospital or who are convalescing.


While there are prayers from the Book of Common Prayer for healing, our healing ministers usually depend on the guiding of the Spirit for their words of healing or gratitude. At the end of what is often a simple, brief prayer the minister will anoint your forehead with consecrated oil, making the sign of the cross.

Members of the congregation who would like to learn more and explore sharing in this ministry are welcome to speak to a member of the Sacramental Healing ministry. They will invite you to join in their study and prayer. The Rector meets with all candidates who have completed a period of study and prayer to discern if this ministry is appropriate for them.