St. Michael‘s Choir School


Choir in church kids The fall session of The Choir School begins in September, and all children who love to sing are welcome to join one of our programs. The Choir School is a children’s choral program that nurtures and inspires student achievement through quality music education and the joy of choral singing. It was founded in the spring of 2014 by Susan Dedell, and now offers two levels.

The Choir School Programs 

  • Teen Choir School:  for singers 13-18, meets Thursday at 4:45-5:45. Prior musical experience highly recommended. This group will continue to expand musical skills in harmony, leadership, and ensemble.
  • The Choir School:  for singers 8-12, meets Thursday at 3:45-4:30 (social/snack time starting at 3:30). This group forms the foundation for building strong musical skills in areas of vocal production, music literacy, and interpretation and musicality. New singers are welcome!
  • NEW:  Little Squeaks:  for beginning singers, 5-7, meets Thursday at 3:45-4:45 (social/snack time starting at 3:30). Choir School Alum Extraordinaire Jayne Fritz leads this group in song, movement, rhythm, and story.

 In addition to the thrill of singing with others, choral singing is a wonderful way to foster poise, respect of self and others, commitment, leadership, and teamwork.

All programs are free of charge and are open to all children who love to sing and want to learn more.  The program is sponsored by St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, but no church affiliation of any kind is required. Interested students are encouraged to contact director at, by phone at 802-348-7735, or through St. Michael’s at 802-254-6048.

“When children sing beautifully, it speaks directly to the soul.



Contact Susan Dedell, Director of St. Michael’s Choir School, with any questions at

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