Songs of Divine Chemistry

DivineChemWhere does love come from?  Is it wholly a construct of the human mind?  A mixture of neurochemicals triggered by environmental and genetic factors?  Or does it emanate from the ineffable sphere of spirit?  In Paul Dedell’s exciting choral work, Songs of Divine Chemistry, texts of mystic poets alternate with scientific writings on neuroplasticity, finding an intersection of ideas that are both surprising and revelatory.

Drawing on the poems and writings of Hafiz, Rumi, Meister Eckhart, Rabia, Saint Francis of Assisi, and others, through the renderings of the poet and mystic, Daniel Ladinsky and using excerpts from Dr. Norman Doidge’s best selling book, The Brain That Changes Itself, composer Paul Dedell probes the realms of human and divine love.  Songs of Divine Chemistry is by turns provocative, passionate, lyrical, funny, and tenderly poignant.
Scored for percussion ensemble of marimba, vibraphone, ethnic percussion, and a full array of drums, cymbals, bells, and gong, adult chorus, tenor solo, and a children’s choir, Songs of Divine Chemistry is a full-length concert piece.

The CD is available by contacting or calling 802 348-7735.  The composition is also available for performance by contacting Winged Productions.