Building Hope Updates

The Copper on the North-Facing sanctuary roof has been completed just in time for “Rose Sunday!” Sometimes the copper seems to have a roof hue, so I thought it was fitting. The roofers will begin on the south-facing roof tomorrow. We have taken down the plastic covering from the organ so we can enjoy organ music once again for the third Sunday in Advent and for Sunday’s Advent Lessons & Carols Service!

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The roofers have begun to add copper framing to the north-facing roof!  The copper may begin to be installed in earnest later this week.  We are thankful for the wonderful insulation that is keeping us warm and the fact that the sanctuary roof is now leak-proof! Meanwhile, Vince and Ross built a “cat-walk” in the Bradley Wing so that the insulators will have a place to walk.

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The insulation on the south-facing side of the roof has been completed and the roofers are laying plywood reinforcement on top of the insulation. Who knew how complicated and layered a roof could be? The copper has arrived and will be the final roofing step when both sides of the roof are stripped, decked and insulated. I am including a clip from Eli Phoenix about what he’s noticed about the wood on the roof as the weight of the slate has been removed.

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A lot of work was done at the end of last week. The roofers continued to build new roof decking and the insulation folks from Farnum began their insulation of the roof, which should help us use less heating oil this winter. Yay! Check out the videos from Jim and Chad that explains the insulation process.

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There is a nifty machine in St. Michael’s front yard called a “lull” which is basically a big forklift that transports materials and people up to the roof. I would love to get a ride on the lull, but doubt that I would be covered by Phoenix’s insurance! This week the roofers have finished removing the slate from the south-facing roof; now the old wood and insulation has been exposed. Steve, one of the workers, showed me an old piece of zinc which used to be used with the copper. They will re-deck the roof with new plywood and insulation and finish the whole south-facing side of the roof before doing the same on the north-facing roof. The copper installation will be the final phase! Come by and see it for yourselves – it is fascinating.

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Dear Friends,

Our project has started in earnest, with roofers here every day, all day. On Monday, they covered the organ pipes (so no more organ for awhile, sigh…) and brought in some big machines that probably have fancy names, but in our household we call them “bull-doe-does” in honor of what my son, Ori, called them as a toddler. Our beloved old Guilford slate is falling off with very little coaxing. I said a prayer in Morning Prayer today, giving thanks for the slate and the wood, gifts of the earth, that have sheltered us and our ancestors for almost 170 years. I am including a couple videos below, so you can hear from the project foreman and hear the sound of the slate sliding off the roof.

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Dear St. Michael’s,

The construction has officially begun! The insulators from Farnum started on Monday. They are putting new planks and insulation over the Bradley Wing, which means that the heat we have been losing through the second floor of the Bradley wing will be much abated. Also, the Building & Grounds Committee erected a temporary fence in the Rectory Lawn for the Preschool to use while their regular playground is unusable because of roof constructions. Phoenix roofing will be setting up today and tomorrow!

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